Pioneer - Factory Seconds

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Bags destined for the landfill, but why?

All manufactures have products that don't quite meet their quality control standards and are typically tossed in the TRASH. These "defective" products crowd landfills all over the planet with products that could, frankly, live a very happy life serving their original purpose. We have decided to change this practice; we have decided to give our products a second chance.

Pioneer Factory Seconds are Pioneer V1 and V2 bags that have minor defects that do not effect their functionality. For example, A Pioneer Factory Second may have loose threading on a seam, contain semi-warped pseudo supports, or be missing the plastic backing on the accessory pocket. 

Each Pioneer Factory Second comes with and exclusive "This Bag Was Trash" patch and a printed Trash Panda logo on the left mini pocket.


The Pioneer Factory Seconds will comfortably hold 20-25 discs, 2 32oz water bottles(V2 Models), jacket, towel, Atlas Travel Stool, and room for more!